Teacheatcreate is moving!

hey everyone! I know. You thought this site was left to collect dust in a dark corner of the inter webs. But no! Things have been changin’ ’round here. I refreshed my website and built my blog into it. So I will continue (i.e. get back into blogging) from there. You can see my work and read the blog from now on at ryanives.net and ryanives.net/blog. This site will no longer be updated. See you guys at the new joint! 



Kids In Masks Printing Session Two

Hey guys.

I got a much needed day off from work yesterday and I was able to finish printing the last four layers of my nine color woodcut. I’m really happy with the way they turned out!

I had the pizza and key image to print. Three colors for the pizza, one for the key block.

IMG_0012.JPG First up, the pizza crust.

IMG_0014.JPG Followed by the cheese.

I realized I didn’t get a shot of the pepperoni/sock stripes block. I’m sure you all are all devastated. Sorry.

Anyway, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

IMG_0013.JPG Here’s the finished print! You’ll notice that I changed some of the colors. Sometimes colors work differently on different surfaces. The registration is slightly looser than I had planned but I actually like the looseness. It gives the illustration a more hand-drawn feel.

All I need to do now is curate and edition them. After that they will be available for purchase on the Sidework Studio Etsy Shop. Swing over and check out what we have up currently and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


Five Down, Four To Go

Ok people, I’ve got some more studio sneak peak shots for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday was a long day of printing but I finished five of the nine colors. And let me just say, it felt so good to be in the shop and printing. I’m already itching to get back in there.

IMG_4264.JPG Since I am currently sans press, I’m doing this nine color print by hand. I use screenprinting registration tabs as they are easy and efficient. The above photo gives you a glimpse at how I line up each block using transparency with the key block on it.

IMG_4314.JPG The shorts.

IMG_4315.JPG Mixing up some blue!

IMG_4316.JPG Wiping off excess ink from around the image. Don’t want ink on the paper where it shouldn’t be! Let me tell you, my finger was HUR-TING by the end of the day. I printed 26 of each color and wiped every time for every color. You can do the math as that is not my specialty.

IMG_4317.JPG Shorts, shirt and skin finished. After this, I printed the skull mask color and the socks.

IMG_4309.JPG My ingenious drying rack made of chopsticks, tape and registration tabs.

The pizza, stripes on the socks and the key image are next up for this coming weekend. Can’t wait to finish them and share them with you. They will be available for sale on our Etsy shop soon!!!

First In The Kids In Masks Series… Carved

Evening everyone.

Exciting things have been happening over at Sidework Studio! Our first “Kids In Masks” series is carved and almost fully printed. For now, I wanted to share some progress shots of the carving process.

20140719-230044-82844491.jpgAll nine printing blocks with the image transferred to each.

20140719-230044-82844844.jpgEach block, though they have the same image, get carved differently. Here, the skull mask and the pizza crust plates are ready to print and the skin tone plate is in the process of being carved.


20140719-230045-82845487.jpgThe shorts and t-shirt blocks in progress.



20140719-230046-82846549.jpgThe key block in progress and finished.

IMG_0007.JPGHere is a proof print of the key block.

This past weekend I printed five of the nine layers and I’ll post about that later. The rest will be printed this weekend and I’m really excited to see this print finished.

Check back soon!

Back From An Unintended Hiatus

Hey everyone. I know, I know. I disappeared. But, I’m back. At least until I forget to post again.

Anyway, things have been so crazy since the summer. Alex and I started a new company, I (Sidework Studio) did a hand-lettering commission for No Kid Hungry (a fantastic non-profit working towards ending childhood hunger in America; I can’t show you yet because it won’t be out in the wild until October), I started my third year of teaching art and I started an Instagram for my art room.

It is the latter that I will tell you about now. I have been thinking and wanting to do something to get my school’s community more involved and aware of what is happening in the art room. Parents are always on top of what is going on in their child’s home room but less so for the specialists. I had considered a blog, but felt that would be too time consuming with an already jammed schedule.

So I decided to go with an Instagram. Being a photographer I felt this would be a great visual way of sharing the goings-on with the community. I’ve been in the process of sharing my idea with parents and getting consent forms signed and returned. So far, I’ve only posted one photo as of this blog post but I intend to continually update the school Instagram from here on out.

Btw, you can follow my classroom @ces_artroom and see what we are up to. I am really excited to see where this concept goes. Bringing technology to the classroom is becoming a big push in public schools and this is one small step for me.

More to come!